World Building Blueprint

Fantasy writers are great at coming up with fifty ‘leven ideas for a brand new world, and are trash at turning them into an immersive world readers obsess over and they’re proud of.

Creating Earth 2.0 with a few “magical” embellishements, slapping a new name on it, and calling it a fantasy world, isn’t going to cut it.

Readers want worlds they can experience with all 5 of their senses. Are you ready with ideas for a new world but zero clue on where to start? No problem world builder, start here:

This Masteclass is for fantasy writers who desire to build worlds from scratch without the overwhelm and headache.

You’re here because:

You don’t just have a character or pieces of a setting in your mind. Dancing in the wells of your imagination is an entire fantasy world.

You wish to build a brand new, fantasy world. One with different planets, amazing magic, mythical creatures, new languages, and your own construct of time.

You’ve spent countless hours in Google University, taken classes in YouTube Incorporated, you’ve read all the blogs, lost your mind down the drain of Pinterest, and watched and read all the courses, webinars, and articles… yet, you still don’t have that fantasy world you were hoping to build.

Meanwhile, you’re watching writers publish their millionth novel in their unique world. You’re watching their readers post fanart online about the characters from that world. You’re watching book fandoms grow and gush all over Bookstagram and BookTok about the amazing worlds of fellow fantasy writers.

You have a billion ideas and absolutely zero clue on where to start. You’re out here hustling backwards but you know you have what it takes to build an amazing, immersive, magical, fantasy world.

In This 3 Hour MastEclass, you wiLl Learn:

What Macro world building is

What Micro world building is

How to build a realm

How to create your worlds map

How to build a magic system

How to develop fantasy races

How to develop time in your world

How to write the worlds backstory

How to build every macro element

How to build every micro element

How to build a planetary world

How to create a fantasy language

Meet your author coach

Hey World Builder, I’m Stephanie BwaBwa. In a nutshell, I’m a Jesus loving gal, Universe Builder myself, young adult and fantasy author, and Disney disciple.

I’m the creator of Elledelle, a universe surrounding black angels, magic, and mayhem.

I write stories centered around feisty angels with complicated pasts, unexpected futures, who may or may not fall in love along the way.

My universe is the immersive kind that causes readers to comment thoughts like: “I hope the world of Elledelle becomes a Netflix series.”

I’ve created my own addicting, imersive fantasy universe, and now I’m teaching you how to do the same. Let’s get world building!

Ready to build your immersive fantasy world?